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Join Ubuntu Africa!

Why Join?

Change the world!

That is right! By being part of the Ubuntu community you are helping to make the world (and Africa in particular) a better place! Free and open source Software like Ubuntu, give to humanity without asking anything in return. By joining us you are helping us spread this gift to humanity.

Give meaning to your life.

The philosophy of Ubuntu states that we are what we are through what we are to others. In other words, our life finds its meaning in what we do to and for our fellow humans. By joining the Ubuntu community you will be doing a lot for your fellow human beings and as a result, a lot of meaning to your life.

Make a lot of friends!

The Ubuntu Africa community consists of very friendly and helpful members who share your interests. By working with them you will make a lot of new friends.

The whole is more than the sum of its parts.

By cooperating, individuals and local communities can do more than by working alone. One person's strength might be another person's weakness. For example: Let's say you are good at programming, but not as good with design. Someone else in the group may be better with design, but not as good with programming. Working together you are more than 4 times as productive!

If you are already part of a local Ubuntu community, all of the above might still apply to you. Ubuntu Africa stretches the borders of your community.

Who may join?

Anyone using Ubuntu (or any of it's flavours) may join the community. If you do not yet have Ubuntu, get it here. Ubuntu Africa of course concentrates on the African community, but anyone is free to join if they feel like helping us out.

How to join?

There are many ways you can join Ubuntu Africa!

If you are already part of an African LoCo simply start chatting with us. Also see if your LoCo is listed on on our wikipage. If not, please add the details of your Loco.

If you you are not yet part of a community, come say hello, and we'll get you started. Also consider joining Launchpad. From Launchpad you will be able to help with any one of thousands of projects! You can help with design, coding, bug-reports, technical support and even by translating software into your own language!

A wonderful way of showing your involvement is by signing the Ubuntu Code of Conduct. By signing the code of conduct you agree to treat other people with respect.

Finally you may consider becoming an Official Ubuntu member. This is not necessary to be part of the Ubuntu Africa community, but there are some awesome benefits in joining.

How can I help?

In addition to the many ways you can help on Launchpad, you can also help by:

  • Adding ideas and enthusiasm to meetings.
  • Spreading the word of Ubuntu and helping people use it.
  • Giving technical support on the IRC channel.
  • Simply keeping us company on the IRC channel.